Four Books to Read If You Love a Student-Teacher Romance

How do you choose your next read?  

Sometimes I browse for books by my favorite authors, but most of the time I search for whatever trope I’m in the mood for. And for the last two weeks, I’ve been obsessed with student-teacher romances.

I don’t know what it is about this scenario that does it for me.  I like the forbidden aspect of these relationships.  The drama is always intensified when love must be kept a secret.  Because there’s almost always an age-gap between the couple, there’s an inherent power dynamic I find appealing.  I also happen to be married to a teacher. He makes his profession sexy (to me).  

Obviously, student-teacher romances are problematic in real life.  They’re against the rules for a reason (and good reasons at that), but this isn’t real life. 

This is romance.

Whether you love this trope as much as I do, or you’re simply interested in trying something new, here are a few books that might scratch the student-teacher-itch for you. 

Her Perfect by Stephie Walls

This book was near perfect for me.  The heroine is a high school senior struggling with an eating disorder.  Eli is Colbie’s English teacher, AND her big brothers’ best friend, but Eli is there for Colb when no one else is. I LOVE the way he loves her. I will probably read this book again, and I RARELY do that. 

Breaking Gravity by Autumn Grey

If you like intense, wounded heroes and resilient heroines with a dark past, you will enjoy this novel.  This is a college romance between a musician and her music professor. They’re both battling demons, but they learn to fight together. 

Defy Fate and Obey Fate by Abigail Davies

This “duet” of books are well worth your time.  The heroine and hero have known each other for years, united by their trauma. Aria knew, even as a child, that she loved Cade, but he left for school and never looked back. Now, Cade has returned and is teaching Aria’s history class.  The pull between them is almost irresistible, but the forces pulling them apart might just be greater. 

Temptation and Addiction by Ivy Smoak

I did a longer review of these books last week (check it out for details).  I have a lot of criticisms of this series, but the characters are still living in my brain rent-free.   This series goes beyond the first two books, but the first two are the only ones I’ve finished.

You may have noticed that all the heroines above are students, while their teachers are male.  There ARE student teacher romances where the teacher is a woman and her student is male.  Honestly, I don’t go for those.  It’s just not my kink.  If it is yours, consider reading To Professor, with Love by Linda Kage. This one was a DNF for me, not because of the writing or characters, but because it’s not the dynamic I’m drawn to. 

If you’ve read any of these, what did you think? Do you have a student-teacher romance you love? Leave your recommendations in the comments below!

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