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How to “husband” like a romance novel hero

The romance genre is the largest in the publishing world. It makes more money each year than all other fictional genres combined.  There are twenty-nine million readers who regularly pick up romance novels, and the average romance reader completes ten books a month.  The incredible success of the genre would indicate that romance writers have tapped…

Crazy Stupid Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams

I’ve loved every one of Lyssa Kay Adam’s Bromance Novels, but this one might just be my favorite! If you’re unfamiliar to the series, here’s the premise. A group of men have a secret romance book club. They refer to the books as “manuals” and use them to improve their own relationships. Honestly, it’s a…

The Boy Is Back by Meg Cabot

Until recently, the only thing I knew about Meg Cabot is that she wrote The Princess Diaries, but it turns out she has serious romance cred. The Boy is Back is the fourth novel in Cabot “The Boy” series. She brings her characteristic charm, humor, and low-angst drama in this book. After a scandal involving…

Beach Read by Emily Henry

Why do people read romance? I suppose it’s escapism for some of us, but I also believe most of us are simply hopeless romantics- people who believe happily ever afters still happen and are worth pursuing (even if your HEA doesn’t come with an extravagant grand gesture or a handsome billionaire). But what happens to…


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I’m Kate, and I read, write and love all things romance! I’m currently editing my first novel (it’s full of spies, lies, kissing, and sighs), and each week I review one book from the world of romance. I hope we can find new favorites together!

I live and work in central Indiana with my husband and our three sons. If you want to know what that’s like, simply imagine a frat house with no kegs. When I’m not reading or writing happily ever afters, I’m listening to a podcast on English history, chasing small humans, or folding laundry.

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