The Boy Is Back by Meg Cabot

Paperback The Boy Is Back Book

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Until recently, the only thing I knew about Meg Cabot is that she wrote The Princess Diaries, but it turns out she has serious romance cred. The Boy is Back is the fourth novel in Cabot “The Boy” series. She brings her characteristic charm, humor, and low-angst drama in this book.

After a scandal involving two eccentric seniors citizens and a stamp, professional golfer, Reed Stewart, has returned to the hometown he left in disgrace ten years prior. It looks like the only person who can help him navigate a difficult family situation is the girl whose heart he broke. Becky Flowers has built a successful business helping senior adults downsize and relocate. When she’s hired to assist Reed’s parents, she thinks she can keep their relationship professional. But Becky and Reed have unfinished business…

Cabot did something unique with this book. The entire story is told through text messages, emails, eBay reviews, letters, and journal entries. Roughly 80% of the text is dialogue. There’s very little exposition. It sounds crazy, but IT WORKED. Granted, I’m a dialogue junkie. It’s my favorite thing to read and write, so I’m predisposed to enjoy this sort of book, but Cabot did such a great job with it, that I believe you’ll like it, too.

On the whole, The Boy Is Back is a light, sweet, contemporary romance. You can share it with your teenage daughter or your grandma because the sex is closed-door. It’s also full of laugh-out-loud-humor and loveable side characters. I have not read the first three books in the series, but The Boy Is Back easily stands alone. After reading No Offense last month, I’ve decided Meg Cabot is my new go-to author for when I need an easy, breezy, HEA.

Favorite Tropes: small town, second-chance romance, high school sweethearts, family conflict, small-business owner heroine, athlete hero, and match-making relatives.

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