Crazy Stupid Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams

Crazy Stupid Bromance (Bromance Book Club 3) - Kindle edition by Adams,  Lyssa Kay. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

I’ve loved every one of Lyssa Kay Adam’s Bromance Novels, but this one might just be my favorite! If you’re unfamiliar to the series, here’s the premise. A group of men have a secret romance book club. They refer to the books as “manuals” and use them to improve their own relationships. Honestly, it’s a fabulous idea more men should consider.

In this third installment, we meet Alex and Noah. Alex is the owner and proprietor of a cat café/bakery. In a previous book, Alex comes forward as a victim of sexual harassment and assault at the hands of a celerity chef. Noah is a computer genius and former hacktivist who helps nail down the proof. Since then, they’ve become best friend. So when a customer claims to be Alex’s sister, Noah is the first person she turns to. Noah is keeping something from Alex though- he’s desperately in love with her, but terrified the timing will never be right. His friends in the Bromance Bookclub talk him into joining their little group. They’re confident the manuals will help him move out of the friendzone, but will they be enough to keep a relationship going with things get tough?

I read this book five months ago. The fact that remember 90% of the plot and STILL get butterflies when I think about Alex and Noah’s first kiss tells you how good it really was. I’m a sucker for slow burns and friends-to-lovers stories. If you share my predilection, you will love this books.

Noah is a cinnamon roll hero all the way. He is attentive, kind, selfless, protective, but not domineering. Alex is a heroine who is worthy of his love. She’s courageous, resilient, and turned her life upside down in order to help others. As I’m writing this, I’m making a mental note to read it again asap.

Favorite Tropes: Slow burn, friends to lovers, secret crush, family secrets, orphaned heroine and hero

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